Plaque Volume Analysis

Segment plaque volume in carotid and other arteries to extract volumetric parameters like volume, volumetric stenosis, 3D greyscale median and greyscale median distribution

Vein Mapping

Create vein maps for vascular surgery planning and share them with the surgeons via PACS. 3D rotational screenshots and full volume access allows the surgeon to „see“ rather than read.

AV Fistula Mapping

Create maps before, during, and after fistula maturing to monitor progress and diseases, and provide guidance to surgeons and dialysis nurses.

Thyroid Imaging

Use AI-facilitated segmentation tools to (semi-)automatically measure thyroid volumes and monitor nodule size.

Nerve Imaging

No more cumbersome panoramic imaging of nerves – capture entire nerves with one volume scan and perform 3D measurements and segmentations, as you want, whenever you want.