PIUR Remote Expert – run clinical studies more efficiently

The PIUR Remote Expert has been created to speed up image analysis of tomographic ultrasound data, and therefore, run clinical studies more efficiently – quick, cost-effective, without ionizing radiation.

You can submit your tomographic ultrasound volume to the cloud-based Remote Expert directly from the patient browser of your Infinity device. Depending on the clinical application you select, an automatic image analysis based on artificial intelligence will be performed. To assure robust results and correct measurements, our ultrasound specialists will verify the results, correct them if necessary, and approve the final outcome. Only then, the fully analyzed data will be returned to you together  with a detailed report. 

The current version of the Remote Expert is available for research only and supports the following applications:

Carotid Plaque Analysis

Amend your 2D flow measurements from your ultrasound system with volumetric parameters from your tomographic ultrasound scan. You send us a single volume scan, we send you a group of parameters that help you in assessing carotid plaque and plaque progression over time. Parameters include plaque volume, 3D grey scale median, plaque histogram, stenotic distribution, and many more.  

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Measurements

Extract more than a maximum diameter from your AAA scan. The Remote Expert will deliver to you a complete 3D STL model of the aneurysm from which you can extract diameters, (volume) measurements, or simulate flow patterns.

TI-RADS Classification

Segment and classify thyroid nodules in your tomographic ultrasound scan. Send us a volume scan of a thyroid, we send you the TI-RADS score of each nodule, including the classification in each TI-RADS category. Reduce user-dependency and generate robust and reproducible results instead!

How to generate tomographic ultrasound?

You want to run your clinical study using tomographic ultrasound but you do not have a PIUR solution?

No problem! With a subscription for our Remote Expert service, we will provide you with a free PIUR tUS Infinity system, our latest innovation that enables you to generate high-resolution tomographic ultrasound volumes with your current ultrasound device. It is part of the package!

You prefer to use your third-party 3D matrix transducer instead? Fine! We can work with standard DICOM volumes and even untracked ultrasound sequences. Just get in touch and we will provide you with a personalized offer!


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