Infinity Video Box

The Infinity Video Box connects to any standard ultrasound system via digital video output such as HDMI or DVI. It transfers 2D ultrasound images to the Infinity Workstation via Wi-Fi in real-time.

Infinity Sensor

The Infinity Sensor can be clipped onto any linear ultrasound transducer using individually designed attachments. An inertial measurement unit tracks the orientation of the transducer during the scan and sends this information to the Infinity Workstation via Bluetooth.

Infinity Workstation

The Infinity Workstation collects information from the Infinity Video Box and Sensor and applies AI-based image reconstruction algorithms to generate tomographic ultrasound volumes. Smartly designed tools allow quick and easy extraction and visualisation of diagnostic information from the scan.

Blending in

The Infinity System has been designed to seamlessly blend into the clinical setup of a standard Ultrasound Lab. Due to its small size and wireless design, it can be placed anywhere on your Ultrasound System.


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